Monthly Meeting Minutes August 26, 2019

Updated Tuesday August 27, 2019 by Carly Longhenry.

Delaware Valley Youth Sports League

August 26, 2019


Opening: The regular monthly meeting for DVYSL was called to order at 7:00 pm 8/26/19 in the Delaware Valley Elementary School Cafeteria by John Corrie, President.



In attendance: John Corrie, President, Bill Fells, Baseball Vice President, Cara Phillips, Treasurer, Carly Longhenry, Secretary, Jessica Olcott, Softball Vice President, Stephanie Stoll and Chris Masone. 


Treasury Report

We currently have $14,662 in the account - this does not account for some All Star money that is left over. 

Both Baseball and Softball All-Star teams have leftover funds. Customarily, this money is distributed to the coaches to be either used or divided and returned to the players/parents and does not carry over to next year’s team because the players usually change. 

Going forward, the league will remove the costs that the league fronted and then return the extra money before States. It’s too late this year to distribute the funds so they will be carried over to next year, but that is a situation we will avoid in the future. 


All Stars
    Next season, All-Stars will go through the Executive Board for guidance. There were some issues with background checks and other necessities that sprung up at the last minute during this season and having multiple meetings with the Executive Board will prevent that. 

John Corrie has been approached and asked if Delaware Valley has an interest in hosting States for Softball next year. We are only open to that if we can host both the 10s and 12s at one time. This could be very lucrative or it could be a failure based on volunteer willingness - all hands must be on deck. Additionally, we would have to have a serious discussion with Matamoras Borough regarding issues such as the lights on Field A and the concession stand. 

Chris Masone asks if Matamoras would be willing to split the cost of upgrading the lights with us. The answer from John Corrie is that we have offered several times to help in finding and funding a solution to the lights and our requests have been unanswered. Many of our requests and questions regarding agreed upon decisions from our contract have gone unanswered, this season and previous seasons included. 

If hosting States is something that the league, board members, volunteers and parents are interested in doing, it is essential that they begin to attend regularly scheduled meetings in order for the Executive Board to have an idea of if we have the volunteer pool required to host.     


Milford Ball Field

    The field is being used for fall baseball - John Corrie reports that the field conditions are not great. 

    Milford Borough has made an offer to give the league a storage shed from the Ann Street park that is being replaced. It would need to be moved to the Milford Ball Field, costs were estimated at less than $400. This is a significant value compared to the cost of such a shed to build. It would be placed side by side with the old shed and is significantly larger. All Executive Board Members agreed to go forward. 

    A tractor, around $300, is being considered instead of replacing the full mower, which needs to be replaced due to age and many problems. 


United Day of Caring

The United Day of Caring on September 7 currently has more kids than projects to work on and has reached out to the league to see if the league has any projects that the students could work on for volunteer service hours. 

There would need to be volunteers active at the field directing the projects. Due to schedule conflicts from the Executive Board Members, further volunteers would be needed. Projects could include repainting the concession stand and dugouts at Milford Ball Field, but that would need to be approved by the Board at Milford Borough and it is uncertain if enough time is left to do so. Other projects could be cleaning out dugouts and the shed.


Warrior Fest 

    John Corrie will be participating in Warrior Fest this year.

    Jessica Olcott also agreed to participate. 


By Laws

    Beginning next month, the league will begin promoting upcoming By Laws discussions. The Rules will be re-evaluated. If any member of the community has a rule they believe needs to be changed or discussed, it will be discussed. Beginning at our September meeting, an initial discussion will take place. Further By Laws meetings will be scheduled through September and October to review and change the By Laws if need be. 


13-15 Rec Team

    There is momentum for a 13-15 Rec Team. Wallenpaupack has a 13-15 team that is Babe Ruth, so players would not be able to play on both teams. It’s possible that something could be worked out. 

    Lackawanna League has invited a 13-15 team from our league to play - this is also a Babe Ruth league. 

    Baseball U players would not be eligible to play on a 13-15 team due to conflicts with commitments. 



The Executive Board is in the process of determining tentative dates for:

  • Field Clean Up Day
  • Coaches Clinics
  • Try-Outs
  • Pitching/Catching Clinics
  • Opening Day
  •  Picnic Day 

Storage Units

    It was recently requested of the board to vacate our storage unit as the league already had a prior storage unit. The first unit was unknown to any Executive Board member and had many old and outdated items in it. Both units have now been combined into one, but there are a lot of old trophies that could be potentially reused with new plaques, signs promoting registration lumber, dirt, fencing that has been thrown away and a pool table. 


Potential Rule Changes

    PIAA has changed their standards for chest guards for catchers to include more protective gear around the heart area. All should look for potential rule changes to our league if that standard is passed down to Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken. 


USA Quickball

Bill Fells suggested considering using the USA Quickball program in lieu of the T-Ball program. This is a system that includes basic equipment for all players and a guided curriculum for all coaches that keeps players engaged and active throughout each game. 

The cost of this system and the enthusiasm of the current T-Ball coaches must be considered before implementing this system. This was considered several years ago and rejected due to cost.  



Meeting was adjourned at 8:16pm by John Corrie, President.  


Minutes by Carly Longhenry