Monthly Meeting Minutes 10/21/19

UpdatedTuesday November 12, 2019 byCarly Longhenry.

Delaware Valley Youth Sports League

October 21, 2019


Opening: The regular monthly meeting for DVYSL was called to order at 6:38 pm 10/21/2019 in the Delaware Valley Elementary School Cafeteria by John Corrie, President.



In attendance: John Corrie, President, Bill Fells, Baseball Vice President, Cara Phillips, Treasurer, Carly Longhenry, Secretary, Jessica Olcott, Softball Vice President, Chris Galimi, Michael Weimer, Shannon Papadatos, Chris Masone, Suzanne Newton, Craig Newton, Stephanie Stoll, Carl Stoll, Brian Newton, and Melissa Ferrara. 


Treasury Report

We currently have $14,314 in the account. We are doing well overall. 


Old Business
    The Second Shed at the Milford Ball Field - Milford Boro declined to allow the shed to go to Milford Ball Field. 

    Fire at Milford Ball Field - There was a fire at the ball field, there was no damage to any of the league’s equipment or materials. 

    Milford Boro Meeting - Milford Boro has declined to meet until after their elections are over. They have said they will help with the drainage issues. 

    Matamoras - 2020 Field Usage Form is not ready. Matamoras won’t meet with us until it is ready - anticipated to be ready by January or February of 2020. Matamoras has indicated that they would be willing to help us with a potential State Softball Tournament. Matamoras has indicated that they would upgrade the lights. Field A may have 50/70 games possibly.

    State Softball Tournament - There are fewer members at this meeting than there were at September’s meeting. This isn’t enough volunteerism.

    Board Spots Open - Concession Stand Coordinator is now open. Building and Grounds at Matamoras. 


By Laws

    By Law discussion dates are not set yet. 



Redraft will require time and major volunteerism. 

If people want a redraft, they have to come to meetings. If people aren’t coming to meetings, they can’t vote. 

Suzanne Newton commented that she had sent a mass text to people she had spoken to who wanted a redraft, asking them to come to the meeting. Many were at football practice. It’s hard to get people to the meetings. Asked if all of the kids would have to come to a redraft since many of their abilities are well-known. General conclusion is that it has to be all or nothing to avoid unfairness.

Chris Galimi commented that he enjoys the camaraderie of working with one team for several years. 

S.N. commented that different coaching styles are good for kids. Changing teams for carpooling reasons shouldn’t be allowed. 

C.G. commented that all coaches will have to coach the exact same methods. 

S.N. conceded that point and commented that it would spread the knowledge and allow for better quality coaching all around.

Craig Newton commented that coaches shouldn’t have a say at all, they should just get a team. 

Bill Fells commented that at the end of the day, there isn’t enough volunteerism to do a complete redraft. 

Another problem with the redraft is if kids who moved up to Majors one year were suddenly bumped back to Minors the next year (or Minors to Rookies, even) because of the way the numbers shook out. It would not be something the league wanted to do. 

A redraft will ultimately come down to a vote. 




Next meeting will be November 14 at 7pm in the DVES Cafeteria. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm by John Corrie, President.  


Minutes by Carly Longhenry