Monthly Meeting Minutes June 2020

UpdatedTuesday June 9, 2020 byCarly Longhenry.

Delaware Valley Youth Sports League

June 8, 2020


Opening: The regular monthly meeting for DVYSL was called to order at 7:35pm on June 8, 2020 as a Zoom Meeting by John Corrie, President.



In attendance: John Corrie, President, Bill Fells, Baseball Vice President, Cara Phillips, Treasurer, Carly Longhenry, Secretary, Jessica Olcott, Softball Vice President, Michael Fleming, Stephanie Stoll, Mike Weimer, Tara Van Horn, Chris Lordi, Dave Pearce, Suzanne Newton, Ron Jason, Jon Maney, Dave Bannon, Daniel Buttaro, Ryan Ufret, Chris Masone, Jamie LeMelledo, Grace Biscardi, Robert Zielinski, Hope Franz, Steven Stahlman, Elizabeth Stahlman


Treasury Report

  • There is $25,971 in our account.


Update from President

  • Pike County is in Yellow State.

  • Assumption and hope is that Friday the Governor will announce that we are going Green on June 19. If so, the idea is to have a season. 

  • If we go green on June 26, those 7 days will prohibit a season from happening.

  • Our limitations are that we do not want to run into fall sports which begin in 

  • Evaluations would need to be the weekend of June 19, ends around August 8

  • First game would be July 6. This would be 6 weeks of games. We have had 6 week seasons before.

  • First step is to ask coaches if they’re available to attend 6/20-21 Evaluations. If not, we may need to get creative - may be coaches and board members evaluate kids and we do a lottery. It may just be how we have to do it. Still a concern of safety for kids who are moving up and kids who are moving into our league. 

  • Also need to know if coaches are available to coach. We will work schedule around coach vacations. 

  • Will need full cooperation from every board member, coach and parent. 

  • May start season without shirts and hats.

  • Will need everyone to work together to maximize field times to work together 

  • If t-ball, rookies and Minors want to keep playing through September, they may. 



  • Ball players not required to wear masks. Parents may have their own children wear masks.

  • Coaches may or may not have to wear masks. Waiting on clarification. 

  • Maximum of 6 kids in the dugout. We will designate areas at each field for kids to stand when they are not in the dugout. Every team will need one coach or parent to focus specifically on the kids in the dugout to help keep kids socially distant. There may be seating changes for spectators to make room for kids outside of the dugout. 

  • We will try to make sure hand sanitizer is available at the fields. 

  • We will do the best we can to ensure social distancing

  • Not sure how umpires will be set up - in travel ball some umps are setting up behind the pitcher. Not ideal. 

  • Mask needed in the concession stand. There will be other changes in the concession stand. No more than 2 people at once. 

  • 30 minute buffer between the games at the same field. 

  • Question Michael Fleming: If we are Green and are allowed to be within 6 feet, why do we have to maintain social distancing?
    Answer from John Corrie: It’s something the world wants right now, and we have to follow the guidelines set forth by Babe Ruth and the Governor. We understand that the kids may be difficult to keep apart. 


Field Availability

  • Milford Ball Field will be able to be used as soon as we are Green. 

  • Matamoras is an unknown - they don’t know, if we go Green, if they’re going to open the park this year.

  • DVES Field is usable at least by July 1. 

  • If Matamoras is not an option, we may use the Log Tavern fields. 



  • Limited number of refunds have been asked for so far.

  • We expect the timeline to initiate a few more refunds.

  • We may open registration again for a week if we get word that we will be going Green and will be able to have a season. 

  • If, before the season starts, someone who is registered wants a refund, that will be granted. Once the season begins, they will be case-by-case and not automatically granted. 



  • Picture Day likely the only fundraiser we will be able to do

  • Candy will not be done this year.

  • Hit-a-Thon will not be done this year.


Season Cancellation

  • If we have to cancel, you will know very soon. We expect to know Friday if we will be going Green on June 19. 

  • Green on June 19 - possible season. Green later than June 19 - no season

  • If season is cancelled, you will have 30 days to ask for a refund. If you do not ask for a refund, your registration is deferred to 2021.


Milford Ball Field

  • Concession Stand and Bathroom need to be cleaned. 

  • We will have to hope that everyone is as sanitary as possible when using the facilities. 


All Stars

  • No Regional Tournament, No Worlds

  • Districts and States are still on. 

  • Focus will be on getting the Rec Season in, but All Stars may be a possibility. 



  • We will need more coaches. 

  • No baseball or softball experience needed - we’ll need more coaches to manage the kids.

  • We will need all board members and coaches to do as much as possible to step up as best you can. 

  • Would like to set up a Safety Committee to set up Safety Standards for games and practices. 


Next Meeting

  • Monday June 29th - second June Meeting. Elections will be held. May be held in person if we are in Green, or Zoom if we are not. 


Position Changes

  • Cara Phillips is stepping down as Treasurer. 

  • Will be taking nominations for every board term. President, Vice President Baseball, Vice President Softball, Treasurer and Secretary

  • Carly Longhenry will be moving over to Treasurer effective immediately and she will be nominated in the next meeting for Treasurer. 

  • Nominations can happen for any spot.

  • Executive Position terms will run until 2022. 

  • The Secretary position does need to be filled and it needs to be filled quickly. All positions are needed, but this Executive position really needs to be filled. 



    Meeting concluded by John Corrie at 8:23 pm. 



Minutes by Carly Longhenry