April Minutes

UpdatedMonday April 19, 2021 byErin Ruppert.

Delaware Valley Youth Sports League

April 12, 2021


Opening: The regular monthly meeting for DVYSL was called to order at 6:30pm on April 12, 2021 as a Zoom Meeting by John Corrie, President.



In attendance: John Corrie, President, Bill Fells, Baseball Vice President, Carly Longhenry, Treasurer, Erin Ruppert, Secretary, Jessica Olcott, Softball Vice President, Dan Wallace (Majors/Minors Baseball Division Head), Scott Ruppert (Rookies/T-ball Division Head), Elizabeth Stahlman (Majors Softball Division Head), Chris Masone (Minors Softball Division Head), Mike Fleming (Buildings & Grounds APP), Dave Bannon (Buildings & Grounds MBF), Jenn Bannon (Concessions), Amber Winslow (Travel/All Stars), BJ Zielinski, Matt Basztura, Liz Winslow, Dale Mabee, Kevin Luhrs, Mark Rizzo, Andrew Santiago, Todd Roessner, George Panasiuk, Craig Newton, Lou DeLauro, Chris Monroe, Samantha Scotti, Grace Biscardi, Colleen Montgomery, Kat Farrell, Heidi Braun, Jon Maney, Kassey Renna, Dan Tully, Chris Mady, Steve Stahlman, Tara Van Horn, Steve Owens, Meghann Davis, Jon Stierle, Brian Fells, Stacy Rutherford, Keith Winslow, Suzanne Newton, Manny Domenech


Treasury Report

  • There is $26,489.87 in our account. Approximately $8000 to be paid for uniforms this week. Made some big purchases this off season (equipment, grill, fridge & freezer). 


Registration Update

  • Over 400 players, record numbers

  • Added teams in many division


Season Schedule

  • Work with other teams for rescheduling games

  • Practices will largely be on patches of grass due to games

  • No update on Log Tavern availability

  • Mike Fleming asked about availability of cages - yes they are available for practices

  • On the Field Availability spreadsheet, max one spot (5:30-6:30 or 6:30-7:30 listed) per team per week


Baseball Division Head Reports & Rules by Division - Scott Ruppert, Dan Wallace, Bill Fells

  • Scott Ruppert - thank you to coaches in Rookies & T-ball for being flexible with sharing fields

  • Pitch count form for Minors & Majors - all in-game pitches must be recorded using the Google Form, coaches should have the email with the link in their inbox now


Softball Division Head Reports & Rules by Division - Chris Masone, Elizabeth Stahlman, Jessica Olcott

  • Chris Masone - Minors Softball working on practice scheduling around games

  • John Corrie - softball pitch count reporting needs to involve the Executive Board and be visible to the Executive Board to ensure rules are being followed


Concession Stand Report - Jenn Bannon

  • Concessions is stocked

  • All coaches need to find someone to help at concessions

  • Umpires have suggested holding games until the volunteers are in there. We want to avoid that.

  • Forms for teams playing at MBF-Main Field are ready and will be handed out tomorrow in person. Coaches need to secure the volunteers and return the sheet in exchange for uniforms later this week.


Buildings & Grounds / MBF - Dave Bannon

  • Prepping the field Friday, re-rake Friday night if necessary

  • Barriers & banners will go up

  • Good on supplies

  • Port-a-potty added at Ann St

  • Another Boro complaint over the weekend

    • Parking rules must be followed

    • Litter may or may not be from us, but we’ll be blamed. Take pictures if you’re the last person leaving the field

    • Avoid the Green House across from the field

  • Request for a garbage can at the t-ball field


Building & Grounds / APP - Mike Fleming

  • Mower is there, need more supplies soon

  • Need dirt to build up mound at Field D - John Corrie clarified that Matamoras has said they will be providing clay, we’re waiting on them.

  • Currently have 3 liners at APP - one needs to go back to MBF

  • Matamoras has not revisited the discussion of storage for us at APP since Exec Board meeting with Rec


New Business

  • Safety Discussion re: COVID

    • Players not required to wear masks

    • Respect player/parent wishes if a parent wants a child to wear a mask

    • Bleachers and social distancing for players - use a thicker rope or more durable caution tape? Last year’s tape tore easily

    • Coaches - keep a mask on your person, pull it up if near a player

    • 5-6 in dugout at a time, the rest of the team out of the dugout

    • Concessions - masks in the stand, masks when you walk up to order

    • If a player is quarantined from school, they shouldn’t attend league events.

      • ONLY for quarantines. Does not apply to the whole building going remote for 2 days.

    • Hat tip at end of the game instead of handshakes

    • We will distribute gaiters to rostered coaches who need one

  • State Softball Tournament Updates

    • 2 months away, ball is rolling

    • John Corrie requested Amber Winslow be brought in to organizers

    • Jessica Olcott reviewed progress

      • Elizabeth Stahlman will be sending a letter to businesses

      • Christina Lake is reaching out to hotels

      • Facebook Page or Event? We’ll set up as an Event - loop Erin Ruppert in for social media needs

      • Check-in Table

        • Big Pavillion? Drake? Leaning toward Drake

        • Make it the home base - keep official bracket, official pool standings, etc

      • Concessions - no response from Bolles yet

      • Totes with supplies at each field - we supply game balls

      • Scorekeepers for each field

      • Need more bathrooms/Port-a-Potties

      • Sanitize dugouts - can we acquire a sprayer?

      • John Corrie notified head umpire that we will need umpires for tournament

        • Unsure if state will bring in more

      • Volunteers

        • Reached out to softball parents

        • Won’t know baseball district dates until Memorial Day most likely

        • Need volunteers for “welcome” promo bags

    • Photographer to roam fields - Carly check with Bonnie McCaffery, she is confirmed

    • Merch - shirts, etc?

      • Unclear what we can get away with at Matamoras

      • Will connect with JEM for printing

    • Food Vendors?

      • Would need Boro approval

  • Opening Ceremonies

    • Moving to APP

    • Split Up for crowds

      • 9:00AM Majors & Minors Baseball

      • 9:45AM Majors & Minors Softball

      • 10:30AM Rookies & T-ball

    • Use area between fields C&D

      • Bill can supply a power source for the PA System

  • All Star Updates

    • Baseball - will go ahead with Districts, only States if a B-bracket is introduced

  • Question re: Pant Colors

    • T-ball, Rookies, Minors Baseball - Grey Pants

    • Majors Baseball - White Pants

    • Softball - Black Pants


Next Meeting

  • TBD



    Meeting concluded by John Corrie at 8:20 pm. 



Minutes by Erin Ruppert