May 2022 Minutes

UpdatedTuesday May 10, 2022 byErin Ruppert.

Delaware Valley Youth Sports League

May 9, 2022


Opening: The regular monthly meeting for DVYSL was called to order at 8:33pm on May 9, 2022, by Bill Fells, President.



In attendance: Bill Fells, President, Chris Monroe, Baseball Vice President, Carly Longhenry, Treasurer, Erin Ruppert, Secretary, Jessica Olcott, Softball Vice President, Samantha Scotti, Tara Van Horn, Hoonoh Choi, Colleen Montgomery, Grace Biscardi, Anna Feely, Bryant Finnegan, Scott Ruppert, Jon Stierle, Heidi Braun, Christian Murphy, Mike Fleming, Beth Pavinich, Rick, Jenn Bannon, Dave Bannon


Treasury Report

  • End of month - $18,028.90

    • Big expenses in April - uniforms, stocking concessions

Season Updates

  • Pitch Counts

    • With rain delaying practices and creating reschedules and many teams with limited pitchers, the coaches agreed to raise pitch counts to 65 for Minors BB and 75 for Majors BB effective 5/9/22

    • Rest days still apply per Pitch Smart

    • No increase in pitches for playoffs

    • Chris Monroe asked re: Pitch Smart and 65 max - can they still finish the batter and if so does that send them into the 65+ rest requirement. Bill Fells answered yes, they may finish the batter, and yes, all pitches count when it comes to rest requirements

  • Forfeit Rules for Minors Baseball

    • No automatic forfeit for Minors Baseball if teams can only field 8 players. If there are 8, the game can be played as usual, with an umpire, and no forfeit

    • Chris Monroe asked if there would be a forced out for the 9th batter? Bill said no. This is a rec league. We want the kids to play, to get the games in, and other rec leagues allow games to be played with 8. We’re not going to force an out at the rec level.

  • Hit-a-Thon

    • Turn on soon

    • Donations confirmed from Sussex Miners and Hudson Valley Renegades

    • Still need to connect with Rail Riders

    • If you have ideas on prizes or any connections, please email us.

    • Hit-a-Thon is successful because of the prizes - 3 or 4 big prizes, then having the little ones like gift certificates for ice cream and similar

  • Final Weekend Events

    • Airport Park ended up double booked with an Angels tournament. We chose to work it out rather than cause an issue.

    • Picnic, awards for Rookies & T-ball, etc are now at Milford Ball Field

    • Majors and Minors Softball Championship games will now be at the HS Softball field. They will drag and prep the field. There’s a press box for the radio station. Softball championships will still be broadcast on radio.

    • Grace asked the date. Bill replied it is June 11th.

Board Nominations

Old Business

  • None


New Business

  • Heidi Braun - Youth Sports grants

    • Has been researching grants for Milford Boro, found many for youth sports, is this something we have considered in the past?

    • Bill replied that we have not pursued those in the past, we would be interested and discuss if Heidi can prepare in the info for the board

    • Heidi said there are a lot for girls and softball, many of the application windows have passed for this year, but we could get ready to apply for next year

  • Beth Pavinich - Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser how can parents get extra boxes?

    • Bill Fells - email the board, we have extras


Next Meeting

  • June 13th 6:30PM at DVES Cafeteria



    Meeting concluded by Bill Fells at 8:44pm



Minutes by Erin Ruppert